Grace Baptist Academy

The mission of the Grace Baptist Academy is to develop Christian character, provide solid academics, and prepare students for life situations. Grace Baptist Academy will facilitate the education of all students to their fullest potential in a caring, Christian atmosphere of educational excellence.

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Principles and Goals

The purpose of Grace Baptist Academy is to help boys and girls and teenagers understand every part of life from the standpoint of God’s Truth – the Bible. This is no small task, and it takes the home, the church, and the school working together to accomplish this Christian purpose.

The following principles will guide each of us in reaching our goals:

· Biblical reasoning in all that we do in the classroom, at home, in church and in every area of life.

· Developing our God-given individuality by learning to exercise Biblical self-government.

· Learning the priority of the internal property of Christian conscience and the constant growth of character (adding virtues and getting rid of vices).

May it be our desire as parents, students, faculty, staff and administration to honor our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through the educational process and to help each student to “increase in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52).  



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“Quality education in a Christ-centered atmosphere.”
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